History » Iran Taekwondo History

After establishment of Korean Taekwndo Association in 1965, Taekwondo organizations started their activities. In order to develop Taekwondo, many representatives have been sent to armies of several countries around the world and this was the start point of developing this field through armies of other countries such as Vietnam, Philippine, Singapore, Taipei china, Iran , European countries and United States of America. Establishment of World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) in 1973 led this martial art to be recognized among Olympic games.
  According to political, cultural and military relationships between Southern Korea and Iran in 1967 one of the
 organizations of Iran's army in the name of Special force, got familiar with Taekwondo. By traveling of the first military group from Southern Korea with superintendence of Master Kim Sorian and two of his companions in 1971, the first instruction course of Taekwondo was held for one year under supervision of physical education of armed forces. 75 members of the most experienced army officers participated in this course at the end of which 61 members have succeeded to get coaching certification. They developed this martial art among other sections of army and people.
In 1971 organizations and federations of martial arts were established. Before establishment of Iran National
Team, Taekwondo team of Iran Armed Forces participated in World Taekwondo Championship (Southern
Korea) in 1975. The first medal in history of Iran Taekwondo (Bronze) was gained by Mr. Hossein Rabei Zadeh.
Iran Taekwondo has developed by efforts of anonymous coaches who never were appreciated as they deserved
 and trained many students by whom today Iran has one of the most powerful Taekwondo teams in the world.